Why Use AntiquesDirectory.com?

Why should Antique Stores/Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, Auctions, and Estate Sales use AntiquesDirectory.com? If you are a business owner and want to have affordable advertising that the public has complete access to then we are the right fit for you. Our awesome database is a directory for the public to find you.  It is user friendly, simple to use and that is just the way we designed it. We want it to be easy for all ages to use. Our Elite Listing is only $25.00 a month and if that doesn’t fit your budget we also have our Premium Listing for $15.00 a month or simply sign up for our Free Listing. We want to help businesses be found and what better way than a directory that is growing daily. We can help your business when someone is planning a road trip across the country or in their own back yard. As an antique store owner myself, I was paying so much in advertising monthly. I was advertising on other online sites, papers, magazines, local antique dealer papers, billboards, etc. I decided to start this directory because I realize that most everyone has a phone/computer and uses it to find their destinations. I thought about how often I use yellow pages myself, and decided why not do a directory to find a specific industry that I love to look for! Also, being in the Antique Store business, I have a lot of fellow business owners’ that were spending money on all of this advertising too. This industry loves helping each other because we are all unique and not in competition with each other so this was a perfect solution. Why not build AntiquesDirectory.com with an infinity database that will allow thousands of business owners’ like me to be found in a directory for anyone to find us? I will make it easy to use, easy to sign up, affordable to business owners and free to the public! If this isn’t enough we can also help businesses by offering them merchant services, and a business plan to help someone new in this industry get started and have everything they need set up by professionals. I want this to be a one stop shopping directory for everyone. We have created a Free to the public Garage Sale Listing as well. The possibilities are endless and all at the simple click of a button at AntiquesDirectory.com. I would love to have your business on AntiquesDirectory.com and let us help your customers Find Sales Anywhere They Go!