The 1990’s fashion may not be the only thing that is coming back! Farmhouse décor or not, Longaberger has been a collectable for over 40 years throughout American homes. Longaberger is known for its tight weaving style that became its signature trademark. To this day people still turn these handmade baskets over to see the actual signature and date by the maker. Collectors can recognize them from afar and do not need to flip them over to know they are a true Longaberger,but you just simply cannot resist the “Flip” of the Longaberger Basket. Longaberger actually began in 1919 when J.W. Longaberger began working for Dresden Basket Factory in Dresden, Ohio. In 1934, J.W. and Bonnie Longaberger had their fifth child, Dave Longaberger. J.W. and Bonnie purchased a house and small shop previously owned by Dresden Basket Factory. J.W. Longaberger begins making baskets for pottery companies and called his business Ohio Ware Basket Company. Ohio Ware Basket Company closed in 1955. Dave Longaberger sees department stores selling imported baskets in 1972, and asks his father to make a dozen to sell locally. Longaberger became a family –owned business in 1973 when Dave Longaberger decided to start the company. In 1997 Longaberger made their headquarters building into a giant Longaberger Medium Market Basket! The company employed more than 8,200 people with 45,000 independent sales consultants. Longaberger peaked in 2000 with over one billion in sales. Combination of recession and changes in home décor hurt Longaberger sales in 2012 to about $100 million. The company was taken over by CVSL, Inc. in2013 and finally completely ceased its business in 2018.The Longaberger Company may no longer be in business, but when you go to an estate sale, antique mall, flea market, yard sale, or any kind of vintage store look for these trademark baskets! You would not know they were out of business.These beautiful baskets decorate and organize many homes today and people still recognize these and “flip” them over for instant excitement and satisfaction. It is truly equal to finding a treasure when you find one of these baskets. Comparable to a hidden jewel is the 1989 Longaberger Flag Basket. This unique, extremely rare basket is valued at over $2000 since there were only 20 made! The Longaberger baskets with the leather handles, resembling the Longaberger 2002 Large Gatehouse Basket with Protector is running around $85 on Amazon.There are 100’s of Longaberger Baskets to choose from or you may get lucky enough to even find a Limited Edition Longaberger Basket. The next time you goantiquing and see someone flip a basket over you will know that is the “flip” of the Longaberger Basket. As you already know the flip is needed in order to make sure they are getting an authentic Longaberger. That instant gratification is what people want to make absolutely sure about before they take them home. These
popular baskets were not only functional and decorative in the 90’s, but in modern home décor today, too.

A few Fun Facts about this amazing, giant Longaberger Medium Basket Building. Built in 1997, 7 Story Building, 180,000 Square Feet Designed by the Longaberger Company
Basket Handles weighed 150 Tons & heated for ice damage in winter 1989 Longaberger Flag Basket Longaberger 2002 Large Gatehouse Basket with Protector.