What is the difference in a Garage Sale, Yard Sale, or Tag Sale? Merely nothing is the difference! People used to define a “garage sale”as being in a garage and a “yard sale” as being in their yard and a “tagsale” was having “tags” for used articles being sold with tags! Now, all of these terms are assumed as the same! Anyone looking for a yard sale will know a garage/carport sale is the same concept! The term “tagsale” is used more in the northeast part of the United States, but meaning the same as we all know as a garage sale. Many years ago people also referred to these sales as “rummage sales”. The term would me to dig through the used articles, no matter how disorganized, they have for sale. The United Kingdom often uses the term “jumble sale” which means the same as rummage sale. An “attic sale” is just another example of someone giving a specific location (that has been cleaned out) of second hand items for sale but does not mean they do not have other items throughout their home for sale (also not usually in the attic). We have all heard of a “block sale” which means multiple people are having a sale on the same street instead of individually and we all get excited about those! We also get excited about a “moving sale” because we usually think these are bigger sales with more articles and unwanted possessions for sale. Similar to a moving sale is an “estate sale” and this is usually done by a hired company that will get a percentage of the sale because they are selling everything in the home. Estate sales were commonly known for selling the entire estate due to a death, but that is not the case so much anymore. It is often because of a huge move and the homeowner does not want to take their entire estate with them. Another interesting sale that many people may not have heard of is the “white elephant” sale. The white elephant sale is usually for a benefit and they collect unwanted items donated by people and all the proceeds go to charity. Lastly, I think we have all been to a “church sale” and they usually have a lot of great items donated by their members to raise money for their youth, or a non-profit charity event. There are many types of sales and all of us treasure hunters will be there whether it is a tag sale, yard sale, estate sale, garage sale, rummage sale, etc. because we know that it is a sale and we are excited to go no matter what the label is!